Gift for Stylist

Anyone who has tapped into the services of a stylist knows that they bring a lot more value to your life than initially meets the eye. While it would be easy to discount their talents as simply “picking clothes,” the process is a lot more transformative than this. A great stylist will not only overhaul your wardrobe, but your life too.

The time and care they take to learn who you really are can mean you find yourself forming a special bond with them. After all, the process of sharing your life and business objectives can be a very important personal step that you may not have given proper thought to before.

And when you see how your stylist took in all you said and helped you select a wardrobe that reflects not only who you are, but also what you want to achieve, it’s no wonder you feel incredibly thankful! So what better way to express how much you appreciate your stylist than giving them a gift from the heart? Here are 3 gift ideas that your stylist is bound to appreciate.

  1. An Edible Bouquet

Flower bouquets are a go-to gift for any occasion. While undeniably beautiful, the downside, of course, is that they can sometimes be a bit troublesome to maintain. Then, after a couple of days, they start to wilt. So why not give your stylist a bouquet that not only doesn’t come with either of these problems, but will still impress? Yes, we’re talking about edible bouquets! If you haven’t yet come across the concept of an edible bouquet, you’re in for quite a treat.

Due to their versatility (as well as their delicious taste!) edible bouquets make a fantastic gift idea. They not only show a lot of thoughtfulness, but they are also incredibly unique as far as gifts go. Just picture how you’d react if you got a bouquet of chocolates, or a box of chocolate-dipped strawberries! You’d be truly impressed—because feasting on an edible bouquet sure beats sweeping up fallen flower petals!

2. A Fashion Book

It may be tempting to gift your stylist some clothes or jewelry. What could go wrong, they love clothes and jewelry, right? But while your intentions may be right, both of these are incredibly risky gifts. You only just learned about your own style, so trying to take on theirs is a whole other ballgame.

There’s a great alternative, however, that will be warmly received—a fashion book. Any stylist with a Prada coat is always reading about style. A book about style is not only a lovely addition to any coffee table or bookshelf, but it will also help them improve their skills and expand their knowledge. What’s more, there’s no shortage of excellent fashion books to choose from. There’s centuries of style history to read up on, brand stories, fashion designer biographies, celebrity style tips… the list goes on and on.

It’s a bonus if you know of your stylist’s favorite fashion icon or designer, as you can gift them a book written by or about them. If you’re not sure what book is best, you can always give them a gift voucher for a bookstore.

3. A Heartfelt Card

Is there anyone who doesn’t like receiving a heartfelt card? You can hardly go wrong with writing your stylist a card that expresses just how much their help has meant to you. Stylists are often told thank you, but few receive a penned thank you. This is also a particularly handy gift idea if you’re on a budget. Needless to say, your words cost nothing, so the only expense is a card! You can pick up a nice card for a couple of dollars at a stationary store, or if you spend a few more dollars, you’ll be able to purchase a handmade card.

If you’re feeling really creative, why not try your hand at making your own? There are tons of guides to making DIY cards, and you can also check Pinterest for inspiration. As you’ll see, you don’t need to spend much in terms of supplies, and you may, in fact, have most of the materials lying around!

The key is to convey what the styling process meant to you. If you’re not much of a writer, a few heartfelt lines are more than enough. Or, if you have a lot to say, don’t hold back. Your stylist will be moved by just how much they helped you, and the effort you put into saying thanks. For maximum effect, you may want to print out a “before and after” picture of yourself, pre-styled, and after your session in your new clothes!

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