The Best Gift Baskets for Women

A gift basket offers an affordable and thoughtful way to show the woman in your life how much you care or appreciate her. Finding the best gift baskets for women means reading reviews, studying product features, and diving into the ins and outs of available configurations. With the right gift basket, you can easily show… Read More

On October 25, 1960, Bulova released the first ever advanced electric watch the world has ever seen: the Accutron. It was made from 14 karat gold and had no crown as the watch was so accurate the adjustment mechanism was moved to the back, away from view. People loved the window model so much it… Read More

64% of US adults wear prescription eyewear. That means every 1 to 3 years, over a hundred million Americans replace their glasses. Buying new glasses can cost hundreds of dollars. Did you know there’s an easy way to save money on glasses? Keep your frames and buy replacement lenses. Replacement lenses are exactly what they… Read More

The Best Electric Shavers

Are you on the hunt for your dream electric shaver? As an electric shaver user, you’ll know that they can vary quite dramatically from product to product. If you choose the right one for you, you’ll be able to look forward to years of pain-free and smooth shaves. But if you choose the wrong one,… Read More

The Best Tweezers

When you need a pair of tweezers, nothing else will do. There’s no other tool that works as well to pluck unwanted hair, extract a splinter, or remove a wayward tick from your arm. We don’t think about them often, but tweezers are an important tool in our lives. Evidence shows that as far back… Read More

The Best Nail Polish Brands

From the deepest, romantic reds to the sunniest, cheery yellows, nail polish has the power to match your mood, complement an outfit, and brighten up your overall look. With virtually endless colors and finishes of nail polish on the market, it’s nearly impossible not to find several shades to fall in love with. Finding a… Read More

The Best Sleep Masks

If you have some trouble sleeping, there a whole slew of possible causes. However, if you suspect you’re just not coping well with some kind of light, then a sleep mask is probably the easiest way to improve your sleep schedule. If you’re not sure what it is, even, a sleep mask is the least… Read More

The Best Toiletry Bags

Whenever you’re traveling, a toiletry bag is a must. These handy bags help keep your makeup and other hygiene products, like shampoo and your toothbrush, safely and conveniently stored. If you use it in the bathroom, a toiletry bag is designed to hold it. While choosing a toiletry bag might seem simple, many factors go… Read More

The Best Essential Oils

Essential oils come from plant compounds and are most often used in aromatherapy. Supporters of essential oils cite benefits from improved mood and concentration to better looking, healthier skin from routine use. When used properly, essential oils may benefit the limbic system, especially, which can influence everything from your respiratory rate to your emotions. We’ve… Read More

The Best Shea Butters

Shea butter has numerous benefits for skin, including protecting it from the sun, moisturizing the skin, and reducing inflammation. It’s also a natural moisturizer for lips and hair! Adding it to your daily hair and skincare routine can keep hair and skin hydrated, protected, and clear of free radicals that can damage them. We’ve reviewed… Read More