The Best Coconut Oil Hair Masks

One of the biggest challenges in a person’s life is changing the things you aren’t happy with – your hair is one of those challenges, to be sure. You may struggle to change the more stubborn hair, and that may mean more work that you’re willing to put into it – but sometimes it’s as… Read More

The Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums

The term ‘hyaluronic acid serum’ may sound as though it was bound to be a harsh chemical created in a lab, but the truth is, it’s actually naturally occurring in the human body; it just depletes as we age. Because it bonds water so well with the collagen in your body, applying it topically may… Read More

The Best Sleep Masks

If you have some trouble sleeping, there a whole slew of possible causes. However, if you suspect you’re just not coping well with some kind of light, then a sleep mask is probably the easiest way to improve your sleep schedule. If you’re not sure what it is, even, a sleep mask is the least… Read More

The Best Eye Creams

You can’t hide anything happening with your eyes – or can you? When you’re speaking to someone, it’s only polite to look them in the eye, but that means they’re looking at your eyes, as well. If you’re not comfortable with what they’re seeing, then it may be time to invest in an eye cream…. Read More

The Best Hair Dryers

Very few hair types handle air drying beautifully, and for the vast majority who struggle styling hair that isn’t blown dry, a hair dryer is an absolute must-have item. There are so many different types of hair dryers, now though that it can be genuinely overwhelming to make the right choice for your hair –… Read More

The Best Makeup Brush Holders

Makeup brushes may come with an expiration dates of sorts, though you may never know when it is – but proper care and storage will undoubtedly extend their life. By protecting them, the bristles will remain intact and with proper organization to always have the right brush available for the right thing, you’ll keep their… Read More

The Best Hair Straightening Brushes

Having a head full of bouncy curls can be chaos. Curly hair is more prone to being unruly and less likely to appear sleek and purposeful. If you have curly hair, no matter how tight of curl, you’re probably used to the daily battle to get your hair to behave. While sometimes curls are exactly… Read More

The Best Keratin Treatments

Even if the only strain you put your hair through is the regular brushing or combing maintenance, it will still lose and shed protein as it grows. Keeping your hair in optimal health is a constant battle of making sure the protein bonds on each strained of hair are protected or rebuilt. Keratin is one… Read More

The Best Electric Toothbrushes

If you have teeth, you inevitably need to clean them. Even if you’re very conscientious on what you eat, avoiding gummy bears and acidic foods can only go so far. If you want to maintain a healthy oral hygiene, you’ll need to brush thoroughly and regularly. An electric toothbrush is a shortcut that can keep… Read More

The Best Hair Extensions

You may love long and silky hair but there are so few of us who actually have the patience to let it grow. Or to work with it until we have the texture we want. In fact, you may never be able to get your hair just how you like it. (As is the curse… Read More