The Best Water Flossers

Good oral health does more than give you a brilliant smile. Gingivitis, for example, leads to gum disease, which contributes to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, among other conditions. Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, are another way, in addition to daily brushing and manual flossing, to clean your teeth and gums. They reach… Read More

The Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Even attending all of your regular dental appointments and avoiding common food and liquids that stain your teeth, your teeth might still be failing the tissue test. If your pearly whites could use a little brightening, using the best teeth whitening kits are a good option. The best teeth whitening kits can help improve your… Read More

The Best Whitening Toothpastes

A bright smile and fresh breath are a norm of modern life that’s not going away anytime soon. However, we’re not all born with the sparkling teeth of a movie star. In truth, most movie stars probably don’t start out with a gleaming smile either. Expensive whitening treatments are a common part of most dental… Read More

The Best Electric Toothbrushes

If you have teeth, you inevitably need to clean them. Even if you’re very conscientious on what you eat, avoiding gummy bears and acidic foods can only go so far. If you want to maintain a healthy oral hygiene, you’ll need to brush thoroughly and regularly. An electric toothbrush is a shortcut that can keep… Read More