The Best Whitening Toothpastes

A bright smile and fresh breath are a norm of modern life that’s not going away anytime soon. However, we’re not all born with the sparkling teeth of a movie star. In truth, most movie stars probably don’t start out with a gleaming smile either. Expensive whitening treatments are a common part of most dental… Read More

The Best Shampoos

Whether your hair is dry, curly, fine, oily, or color-treated, there’s a shampoo that will give you touchably soft hair. The right shampoo can prevent breakage, dandruff, and frizz while protecting your hair from harsh environmental factors. But there are more formulas on the market than there are hairstyles, which means you’ve got some decisions… Read More

The Best Makeup Brushes

Glowing skin, defined cheekbones, crisp eyeliner—such a flawless look needs the right tools, and makeup brushes are the hammer and nails of the beauty world. They give you the power to accentuate your best features, hide the occasional blemish, and bring out your natural beauty. However, not all brushes are created equal. The bristle size,… Read More

The Best Water Flossers

Good oral health does more than give you a brilliant smile. Gingivitis, for example, leads to gum disease, which contributes to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, among other conditions. Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, are another way, in addition to daily brushing and manual flossing, to clean your teeth and gums. They reach… Read More

The Best Electric Nail File

There’s something therapeutic about manicures and pedicures. Then, there’s the satisfying surge of confidence that comes from sleek, professionally done nails. Whether you’re a nail tech providing professional services or you want to take over your nail care at home, an electric nail file, sometimes called an electric nail drill or e-file, can give you… Read More