The Best Hair Growth Vitamins

If you notice some hairs in the sink or the shower, don’t worry. It’s normal to lose between 50-100 hairs each day while still maintaining your typical hair growth. If you notice more than that—large amounts of hair in your brushes, on your clothing, or in the drains—it could be that you’re suffering from hair… Read More

The Best Coconut Oil Hair Masks

One of the biggest challenges in a person’s life is changing the things you aren’t happy with – your hair is one of those challenges, to be sure. You may struggle to change the more stubborn hair, and that may mean more work that you’re willing to put into it – but sometimes it’s as… Read More

The Best Dry Shampoos

Washing your hair not only takes time, but washing it too frequently can also cause it to become dry and damaged. But when your hair goes without daily washes, it might get oily and limp, making it challenging to get it to look the way you want when you style it. Dry shampoo can be… Read More

Best Rainbow Highlighters

When you are looking to develop a unique look that makes you look younger, healthy, and vibrant, there are several makeup options that you can turn to. Everyone wants better-looking skin, but you can have an even better look by giving your face a more defined shape. That’s where rainbow highlighters come in. Rainbow highlighters… Read More

The Best Leave-In Conditioners

If your regular hair routine doesn’t make your hair look like you just left the salon, you should consider adding a leave-in conditioner to you product collection. Finding one that works for you is worth the extra time. A leave-in conditioner can add shine, smooth frizz and flyaways, detangle stubborn tresses and even strengthen your… Read More

The Best Shampoos

Whether your hair is dry, curly, fine, oily, or color-treated, there’s a shampoo that will give you touchably soft hair. The right shampoo can prevent breakage, dandruff, and frizz while protecting your hair from harsh environmental factors. But there are more formulas on the market than there are hairstyles, which means you’ve got some decisions… Read More

The Best Sulfate-Free Shampoo

As an ingredient in shampoos and body washes, sulfate can cut through dirt and oil quickly. However, it can leave hair too dry and frizzy. This is why many beauty bloggers, hair stylists, and others recommend sulfate-free shampoos. We reviewed dozens of sulfate-free shampoos to identify the best options out there. We considered what other… Read More

The Best Keratin Treatments

Even if the only strain you put your hair through is the regular brushing or combing maintenance, it will still lose and shed protein as it grows. Keeping your hair in optimal health is a constant battle of making sure the protein bonds on each strained of hair are protected or rebuilt. Keratin is one… Read More

The Best Purple Hair Dye

Purple hair might not be a naturally-occurring hair color, but that doesn’t stop people from dyeing their hair in order to achieve this pretty hue. In order to get a really vibrant and healthy-looking color, you need to find the right dye, and treat your hair properly after coloring. With plenty of shades in both… Read More

The Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Dyeing your hair is a big commitment. Once you dye your hair, it is stuck that way. Because making such a big, irreversible change can be anxiety-inducing, many people opt for a semi-permanent hair dye instead. Semi-permanent hair dye gives you the opportunity to try a shade out before making the final leap. Plus, it… Read More