Woman wearing wig

Bad hair days are real. For some of us, bad hair life is the reality. Years of struggling with straightening and curling, dying and cutting, styling and then ignoring can lead to an overall defeated feeling towards your hair. Wigs are an excellent alternative to continuing the constant battle with your hair. Most traditional wigs,… Read More

The Best Curling Irons

No matter what your circumstances in life, one universal truth seems to be that women inevitably go through a stage where they’re unhappy with their hair. Luckily, hair is something you can change the appearance of with relative ease. There are so many ways to change your hair; dye, cutting, straightening or perming. One of… Read More

The Best Hot Hair Rollers

Ever dreamed of having big, beautiful curls? Or even simply adding some texture to otherwise poker-straight hair? Hot hair rollers can help you achieve these looks, and many more. Hot rollers (or “hairsetters,” as they’re sometimes called) can aid you in perfecting those vintages waved or curled styles, can add curls and texture to straight… Read More

The Best Hair Clippers

Having a quality pair of hair clippers at the ready can be the difference between a great looking new ‘do or a style that’s less than fresh. To put it simply, having the right pair of clippers makes proper grooming a cinch. Finding the best hair clippers for your ‘do means reading reviews, studying product… Read More

The Best Shampoos for Thinning Hair

When you’re hair starts thinning, you might be tempted to head to the doctor or try creams, supplements, and other products that claim to regrow your hair. However, some cases of hair thinning are often the result of common loss of thickness and volume that happens as we age. And, it’s possible that a shampoo… Read More

The Best Hair Curlers and Rollers

Many of us love the idea of bouncy, beautiful curls, but have straight or wavy hair naturally. Hair curlers and rollers, however, can make that a reality. Curlers and rollers can even help those with natural curls to add volume and definition to their natural texture. We reviewed dozens of hair curlers and rollers to… Read More

The Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

Natural oils are healthy for your hair; they keep your strands smooth, silky, and shiny. But some scalps produce more oils than others, leading to oily hair that looks more greasy than healthy. If you have hair that gets oily frequently, you might benefit from a shampoo for oily hair that clarifies your scalp and… Read More

The Best Hair Gels

Hair gel is a great way to achieve lots of different hair styles. Once applied, hair gel will dry on your hair to help hold your style in place. It’s also available in a range of different hold strengths, depending on how much movement you want in your hair. From an ornate braid, to a… Read More

The Best Hair Dryers

Very few hair types handle air drying beautifully, and for the vast majority who struggle styling hair that isn’t blown dry, a hair dryer is an absolute must-have item. There are so many different types of hair dryers, now though that it can be genuinely overwhelming to make the right choice for your hair –… Read More

The Best Cosplay Wigs

If you want to dress up as your favorite character from an anime, movie, book, TV show, or graphic novel, every detail must be just right, including the hair. Cosplay wigs help you to transform yourself from your every day appearance into the character of your choice. You might be dressing up for a convention,… Read More