The Best Hot Hair Rollers

Ever dreamed of having big, beautiful curls? Or even simply adding some texture to otherwise poker-straight hair? Hot hair rollers can help you achieve these looks, and many more. Hot rollers (or “hairsetters,” as they’re sometimes called) can aid you in perfecting those vintages waved or curled styles, can add curls and texture to straight… Read More

The Best Makeup Mirrors

Getting your brows on point and your contour just so isn’t easy without a good mirror to guide you. A proper makeup mirror can help you get your look perfect before you leave the house, whether you like to wear a full complement of makeup daily or lipgloss and eyeliner is more your style. Many… Read More

The Best Cosplay Wigs

If you want to dress up as your favorite character from an anime, movie, book, TV show, or graphic novel, every detail must be just right, including the hair. Cosplay wigs help you to transform yourself from your every day appearance into the character of your choice. You might be dressing up for a convention,… Read More