Vanity for apartment

While some think that as vanity is merely the space that exists below your bathroom sink and is a piece of parlor furniture that has a few drawers where you stow things like your hair dryer and other personal items, we look to a broader definition.

We feel that your vanity is the special area—whether it is located in the bathroom or in your bedroom—that is a place where you magically get ready for the day. Here are five tips to help you create the perfect apartment vanity:

The Mirror

If you are going to spend money on any particular vanity item, the mirror deserves your financial attention. Of course, you need a quality mirror that is big enough and reflects enough light so that you are able to view everything. Also consider the frame, however, because a beautiful frame—whether modern or antique-looking—will be one of the first things you look at every day.


Natural light is preferred because you would rather apply makeup in that atmosphere. We do understand that in a small apartment like one of these, for example, natural light may be lacking, so you will have to use fixtures. Hint: When you install the fixtures, make sure they are in a place that does not cast a lot of unwanted shadows. Also, consider LED lights, but stay away from harsh blue hues.


You may have a great mirror with perfect LED light hues, but if you are sitting on a kitchen or card-table-type chair you will be defeating your original purpose. Some people like little stools or even benches, but the seating choice is up to you. If you are not perfectly comfortable in your chair, again, your experience can be compromised.

Place for Your Stuff

OK, back to storage now. Your mom’s old-school bathroom vanity had some drawers and you know you need something like that for storage. Make sure the drawers are sturdy and not just made out of glorified cardboard. Also check to see that they move freely and don’t stick. Finally, it’s very important to have enough counter space where you can keep various facial and hair-care items because there are certain things you want to reach easily.

Things That Make You Happy

We don’t want to sound silly or trite, but your vanity area is going to be your happy place. You will be seated there soon after you wake up, and therefore you need to have items present that make you happy. Family pictures, a photo of your favorite band, pics from your last great trip, or even trinkets that you have picked up along the way that puts you in a good mood are items that you may want to have in an easily visible place when you first sit down.

Even if your apartment is a bit small, you can work with the available space to create your perfect vanity. Just be sure that it makes you feel good!